I wrote this article back in early 2018 before everything had crashed. Now that the crypto world is roaring back to life, I believe it’s still relevant so am publishing here:

March 3, 2018

Six months ago I began investing in Blockchain tokens in collaboration with Emily Liu, the former head of marketing and PR for Mt Gox. Along the way I’ve seen boundless ups and bottomless falls and heard much about bubbles, popped bubbles and scams. Yet it has been rare to find a coherent voice across media, investors, or skeptics, demonstrating depth or understanding of the current value…

completely agree here! i'd even take it one step further beyond trust, to empathy. where bitcoin solves a technical challenge, it doesn't solve the human experience challenge of reducing the frictions in using cryptocurrencies. and by definition an infrastructure layer such as bitcoin can't solve user experience layer challenges. i'm convinced this is why most utility tokens in 2017/18 failed as well (aside from being fraudulent). there was no product manager building for true user experience to catalyze adoption, just whitepapers by mathematicians and computer scientists. as you clearly state, being able to trust that someone will help you if…

By Gil Rosen

What is product market fit?

How do you know when you have it?

Why does it even matter?

I do not think it means what you think it means

I thought to write an article on Product-Market-Fit based on my own experience as an entrepreneur, investor, advisor, and founder of headandheart.capital. A quick google found 17 articles on this very topic — half semi-vague, half contradictory, some relevant yet incomplete, and most highly redundant. So I decided to write yet another, synthesizing my own thoughts with relevant insight from those very articles (tldr and links at the end). But you’ll like this one, I promise. …

Washington Square Park

I’ve been staying in Union Square recently and have been overwhelmed by the protests. The unity and solidarity of New Yorkers in peaceful protests has been inspiring. Today I marched along 5th avenue towards Washington Square park where thousands were gathered to support black lives and rights, and to protest police brutality and the murder of those with black skin. The protests were peaceful and were comprised of a cross section of New York — all races, ages, and genders. For over a week I have witnessed thousands of New Yorkers gathering every day for peaceful protest. …

COVID-19 FAQ and what to expect for the next 6 Months

What do we know?!

A common refrain on the difficulty of the situation is the uncertainty. “We don’t know how long it will last” or “Everything changes from day to day” or “I just hate not knowing” and the like.

Unfortunately this couldn’t be further from the truth. This virus is not new.

We can see exactly how it behaves by looking at the rest of the world; giving us ample models for reacting to the virus with varied measures of success and failure.

It is our choice as…

Gil Rosen

Gil is a serial entrepreneur and early stage investor, advisor, and founder of headandheart.capital

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